Dracula Book(Token)

Book Token Dracula Cover

Just now picked up a copy of Dracula as an NFT from Booktoken.io. I haven't gotten too much into crypto but have played with Cardano and staking. One of the things I am excited about is the potential for NFTs when it comes to things with real utility, like books. I never bought into picture NFTs but books carry with them something special and useful.

Book Token has taken this aspect and run with it. So far they've released a Gutenberg Bible in Latin, their nod to the book that introduced publishing to the world, Frankenstein, and now Dracula. Each book comes unique with a limited cover design and so far a limited run of mints (copies). There has been one book, Cardano for the Masses, that has shipped through Book Token and sold like a normal book on Amazon.

They have big plans to release many more books in the future, and I'm all in when it comes to books. Every book you buy through them can be read through their ereader for now.